The company “Plastma-consult” was established in 2007 on the basis of a division of the diversified enterprise “Plastma” providing consulting services in the field of equipment supplies and engineering services for the modernization of pharmaceutical and food industries companies. In the initial stage of its activity the company “Plastma-consult” was mostly focused on the same industry specialization as it was in its parent company. Over the past years a number of significant projects on modernization of facilities for manufacturing medical and veterinary drugs in Nesvizh, Borisov and Vitebsk as well on equipment supplies for pilot pharmaceutical entities of the scientific divisions of the National Academy of Sciences and for the Ministry of Health in Minsk was implemented in partnership with the Polish company BWT Polska.

Recently the scope of the company has expanded significantly due to its participation in the implementation of a number of investment projects in the pulp and paper, woodworking and other industries.

Our involvement in investment projects starts from the first negotiation with customers than is followed by preparing relevant contracts/investment agreements and completes by entering the facility into service.

To ensure high-quality management and successful implementation of projects on construction of new enterprises or modernization of existing facilities we form project management teams consisting of experts in various fields who organize and control all stages of project development. This approach ensures simplicity and efficiency of communication between project participants and allows best use of internal resources of the company and as a result – a high level of the project execution.

Priority sectors of our company are:

- Pulp and paper industry Find out more

- Wood products industry Find out more




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