CB A number of investment projects on modernization of existing enterprises for the production of pulp and paper products is implemented with the participation of experts from "Plastma-Consult”.

In particular, in the 1-st quarter of 2014 a paper machine PM-54 was put into operation after modernization and a new stock preparation process stream in the branch "Paper Mill "Red Star" of  JSC "Svetlogorskij CCC" in Chashniki (Vitebsk region).

A Czech company "Papcel, a.s.", one of Europe's leading manufacturers of equipment for the pulp and paper industry, was a supplier of equipment and engineering services for this investment project.

Another significant project implemented with the direct participation of our company is to upgrade the paper machine  № 7 in the branch "Dobrushskaya paper factory    "Hero of Labour" of managing company JSC "Belarusian wallpaper", the equipment was put into operation in the 1-st  quarter of 2014. This time a Czech company "Papcel, a.s." was again selected to be a supplier of equipment and engineering services for the investment project.

Experts of our company provides maintenance and support for these projects, ranging from work on preparation and coordination of contractual terms, including its subsequent support for the development stages of design and engineering solutions, coordinating supply of equipment and construction and installation work, and putting the object into operation.

The core project implemented with our participation is a construction "on a turn-key basis" of  base-paper manufacturing facilities for decorative covering material of  RUE “Newsprint mill” in Shklov (Mogilyov region). The EPC Contractor is the above-mentioned Czech company “Papcel, a.s.”. This object was put into operation in April, 2016

Under the agreement with the company "Papcel, a.s." a management of construction projects was formed specially for this project to control its design and construction directly.

We are currently working on feasibility study of locating in Belarus a new enterprise manufacturing tissue paper.